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We’re walking out on August 29th, join us

We work at fast food chains and other low-wage jobs and we deserve better. That’s why we’re joining with thousands of other workers from New York to Chicago and beyond to call on low-wage workers across the country to walk off the job on August 29th.

We’re going on strike to improve conditions for all workers because everyone deserves a basic standard of $15/hour and the right to organize without retaliation.

We’re going on strike because even though we work at different chains, we face many of the same struggles: low pay, not enough hours, unfair treatment, and even wage theft.

We’re going on strike because we deserve opportunities for a better future.

We’re going on strike because something is seriously wrong when the fastest-growing jobs pay poverty wages.

We’re going on strike because it’s not right that some of the largest and most profitable corporations around pay some of the lowest wages.

We’re going on strike because nothing is going to change if workers like us don’t lead the way forward.

Turn off the fryers. Take off your aprons. Walk out, and join us August 29th on the strikelines.


Pike St & Boren Ave — Plymouth Pillars Park 4PM