Reasons for $15


We’ve already seen these window signs pop up all over the city and now you have a chance to get one too!

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There are the tons of reasons why folks are supporting a $15 minimum wage that will lift workers out of poverty and boost the economy. All the reasons on this poster and below came from real people when asked the simple question: “What would $15 mean for you?”

Share your reasons for supporting $15 with us either by sending us a Tweet, or shooting us an email at GoodJobsSeattle(at) and we can add your reason to the list below.

“Stand up a bit taller.”
“Do more for my kids.”
“Support myself.”
“School supplies.”
“Throw a little birthday party.”
“Donate to shelters.”
“Time to play with my kids.”
“Plan ahead for a better future.”
“Move out on my own.”
“Start to pay off student loans.”
“Fix broken windshield.”
“Buy more socks.”
“Fill up my gas tank.”
“Finally go back to school.”
“Catch up on bills.”
“A little money in the bank.”
“Live better.”
“Get out of debt.”
“Take a day off work.”
“Eat better food.”
“Live on my own again.”
“Pay my rent on the first.”
“Buy that new dress.”
“Won’t need food stamps.”
“Afford to survive.”
“A new start.”
“Dream bigger.”
“Breathing room.”
“Take care of my family.”
“Exhale at last.”

“Living wages are a moral issue.”

“Working people shouldn’t have to rely on food stamps.”